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Slade Pharmacy Services

Slade Pharmacy Services

(5 locations)

Richmond, VIC 3121

Hospital services.
Compounding services.
Retail pharmacy services.

Mentholatum Australasia Pty Ltd

Scoresby, VIC 3179

Manufacturer and distributor of non-prescription pharmaceuticals, healthcare and cosmeceutical products - based in Victoria. Its brands include Deep Heat, Ice Gel, Confirm, Softlips, Laxettes, Oxy, Clean Skin, Rohto Zi, Alpha Keri and Keri Silky Smooth.
MediGroup EBI

MediGroup EBI

Provides supplies and equipment for scars and wounds
surgical needs across Australia and New Zealand

Melbourne, VIC 3000

MediGroup EBI is a rapidly growing company. MediGroup EBI represents its principals such as Advanced Biotechnologies, Canica, Microlab Elettronica, Soering, and Pioneer to provide sales, marketing and distribution for medical and surgical devices in Australia and New Zealand.
Biotene Australia

Biotene Australia

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Ermington, NSW 2115

Biotene's treatment products offer relief from dry mouth. If you suffer from dry mouth there's a Biotene product to help. Our product range includes toothpaste, mouth spray, gel, mouthwash, chewing gum and liquid.
Rehab and Mobility

Rehab and Mobility

Distributor of ArmRx Waterproof Gloves for Limbs

Burpengary East, QLD 4505

ArmRx is a waterproof arm or leg glove providing moisture protection for bathing, showering or swimming, protecting wounds, dressings, casts, IV & PICC lines, skin conditions, etc, requiring protection from unwanted exposure to water. This unique product is; easy of use, reusable, very affordable allowing patients to manage their personal hygiene and maintain their independence.

Dukasa Compounding Pharmacy

Custom compounded medications

Armadale, VIC 3143

Fresh Therapeutics Compounding Pharmacy

Fresh Therapeutics Compounding Pharmacy

(2 locations)

Bondi Junction, NSW 2000

Fresh Therapeutics Compounding Pharmacy provides Australia’s best solution for compounding medication.

Tugun Pharmaceuticals

Tugun, QLD 4224

Wholesale pharmaceuticals.

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