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GM Series General Medical Incinerators

The market leader, highly powerful, robust and efficient incineration system designed to dispose of the higher volume category 0 to 2 wastes with low density and low to medium moisture contents.

Load capacity

GM750 Medical Incinerator - up to 750 kilos

GM1300 Medical Incinerator - up to 1300 kilos

GM2000 Medical Incinerator - up to 2000 kilos

MP series - Hot Hearth Incinerators

Highly powerful, robust and efficient Incineration system specifically designed to dispose of category 2, 3 and 4 type red bag wastes with high density and high moisture contents. Highly effective and very fuel-efficient.

Address Hollies Park
Cannock WS11 1DB
Tel +44 (0)1543 571 280