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The health benefits of yoga and meditation have been known for thousands of years and are recognised by both eastern and western medicine.

Meditation and yoga are practised by and increasing number of people in today's fast-paced working and living environments - seeking to restore inner balance, harmony and relaxation; to gain better control of their life and to achieve higher states of consciousness.

There are many types of yoga practices or branches of yoga in India where yoga originated from, several of which are taught in Australia - the most frequently practised being the Hatha Yoga.

Meditation skills are taught in yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes, as well as dedicated meditation classes.

There are several professional associations for yoga teachers, including the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia and the International Yoga Teachers' Association Inc.

This category lists yoga and meditation schools and teachers in Australia.

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Wu Tao Dance

Wu Tao Dance

Dance yourself to Health with Wu Tao
Dance Meditation and Music to restore balance and fitness

Fremantle, WA 6160

Wu Tao Dance increases fitness, health and vitality and reduces the symptoms of stress, depression and obesity. Based on the proven health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao harmonises energy flow in the body through dance and music. A beautiful way to revitalise your Self, the dances are easy to do, fun to learn and the flowing movements gently increase body tone and flexibility.
Ohana Yoga

Ohana Yoga

Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

We are a community dedicated to helping others achieve healthy, fulfilling & passionate lives. We offer regular yoga, meditation and core strength classes and workshops. We also offer a variety of modalities including Speech Therapy, Massage, Chinese Medicine, Maya Abdominal Therapy, Feldenkrais, Psychology & Reiki (Hi-Caps is provided). Practitioner rooms available to rent.
Adelaide Ageless Yoga Classes Athelstone

Adelaide Ageless Yoga Classes Athelstone

Yoga Australia Member IYTA YTISA

(3 locations)

Toorak Gardens, SA 5065

Ageless Yoga is suitable for men and women of all ages, but is of special appeal to those who want to feel younger and recapture or maintain the vitality of their youth. Classes in Toorak Gardens, Walkerville and Athelstone.
Catherine Gurr

Catherine Gurr

Yoga Teacher Melbourne CBD
Mind Over Muscle

Melbourne, VIC 3000



Medical qigong


Qigong in Melbourne is conducted by Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda whom have over 40 years experience between them.
sunsalute - pregnancy yoga

sunsalute - pregnancy yoga

SunSalute Yoga

Swanbourne, WA 6010

Traditional societies have typically regarded pregnancy as a sacred period in a woman's life - a time when the pregnant woman must be treated with special care and reverence by the other members of her society. As the carrier of new life, she embodies the miracle of creation in her very being, linking the generations with her every breath.

SunRay Yoga

Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

SunRay Yoga combines yoga practice and theory with western psychotherapy during retreats - empowering people to heal themselves.
Mandala Yoga

Mandala Yoga

Double Bay, NSW 2028

Mandala Yoga offers yoga classes and workshops for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners. Anita Modok, founder and principal of Mandala Yoga Australia, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and yoga coach, holding accreditation with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance (USA). The standard yoga teaching certificate is 200-hours.
Arhanta Yoga Ashram India - Certification Courses

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India - Certification Courses

Madhya Prades, India, 000

Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers 200 hours and 500 hours yoga professional courses in India.
Rock Salt Lamps

Rock Salt Lamps

Pink HImalayan Salt Lamps, Salt, Bath Salts, Selenite Lamps
Harmonise your home & office

Essendon, VIC 3040

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite Lamps and our associated products bring a warmth and feeling of well-being to your home or office - unmatched by anything else. Our personal energy pendant harmonisers, mobile phone & wifi, home and car harmonisers are Negative Ion Generators that balance positive ions (unhealthy energy) naturally created through electrical circuits (Electromagnetic Radiation).

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