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Cassia House Day Guest Respite Service

Manningham Centre Association Inc

Our specialised day respite service at Cassia House residential aged care facility provides respite options for carers of frail older people with high / complex care needs, including those with dementia.

The service within Cassia House at Manningham Centre has a specific focus on the needs of primary Carers.

What the service offers:

Additional support for Carers enabling them to take a much needed break. Emergency Day Respite. Flexible arrival and departure times to suit Carers needs. Streamlined access and referrals to a wide range of other services. Monthly Friendship Support Group. Excellent staff to guest ratio. Caring, kind and attentive staff. Involvement of guests in communal days and special events within the Nursing home.  A safe, welcoming, comfortable ‘Home away from home.™ Nutritious meals cooked on site and catered to dietary requirements. A wide range of stimulating, enjoyable and achievable activities. Assistance with transport to and from the service, if required

The programs will be explained in detail on assessment.

No one will be excluded from the service due to financial hardship.

Flexibility of access

The day respite operates three days a week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday (by appointment).  Arrival and departure times can be tailored to meet the particular needs of carers.

Intake and referral

Manningham Centre's well established relationships across local and regional service networks will facilitate equitable access and smooth referrals for eligible carers within a 15km radius of the centre.

Priority of this service will be given to eligible carers who have very few formal support services.


The day respite staff, headed by a Program Coordinator, all have the appropriate skills and knowledge to cater for clients with high level nursing needs. They are responsible for the provision of quality programs, ensuring that the changing needs of each individual are continually met.


An initial eligibility assessment will be undertaken by the Day Respite Program Co-ordinator in consultation with the referral source and the carer/family.

Care planning

The Program Co-ordinator will develop a written care plan, ensuring that the needs and preferences of clients and carers are met. Care plans will ensure that all carers are supported with information, access to friendship groups and counselling.

Cost of service

A sliding scale of fees is set in line with the administrative and program guidelines for respite services under the National Respite for Carers.

Address: 371 Manningham Road, Doncaster Telephone: 9856 1236 or 0458 379 377

An Australian Government Initiative

Address 371 Manningham Road
Doncaster VIC 3108
Tel 03 9856 1236
Fax 03 9856 1233