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I Show You How To Repair and Strengthen Your Personal and Business Relationships

At My Office, Onsite, Via Phone, Online 10am-8pm Weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays

Life is a series of relationships.

Success in life is dependent on forming and maintaining successful relationships.

I believe that relationships often fail because we forget that everyone is an individual. For individuals to successfully be in a relationship that individual's needs must be met as part of that relationship. In a good relationship, all parties learn how to meet the needs of the other. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned.

Relationships are wide-ranging

  1. Relationship to ourselves - how we feel about ourselves - are we confident, self-assured and worthwhile or are we weak, defective in some way and a waste of space. Relationship to self impacts all other relationships.
  2. Personal relationships - relationship to our family, significant other and friends
  3. Work relationships - relationships with customers, managers, and fellow employees
  4. Relationship to the world - is the world full of opportunities and a friendly place or is it a dangerous place in which you struggle and fight for everything

Over a number of years, I have developed extensive experience helping people find workable solutions to their relationship issues. My counselling methods are aimed at producing practical results in the shortest possible time.

I am passionate about helping people repair and strengthen personal and business relationships and work with

  • Couples (Heterosexual and LGBT)
  • Business (Management/Employee, Employee/employee)
  • Singles Struggling to Find a Meaningful Relationship

There are many factors that impact the quality of your relationships such as self-esteem, depression, and stress. How people behave and what they seek out in life is a product of their life experience. Understanding your drives and needs is the first step in empowering yourself. Understanding others drives and needs is the foundation of good relationships. I believe that a desire to understand yourself and others and a desire to implement necessary changes, makes relationship repair possible.

If you are serious about rebuilding a relationship I am serious about working with you.

Address 2/94 George Street
Beenleigh QLD 4207
Tel 07 3458 1725