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Specialist counselling - Pregnancy (planned, unplanned, abortion issues and pregnancy loss, post natal depression, couples/relationship)

"Coming to Open Doors
gave me the chance to find some answers, my own answers. I now have a sense of hope and know I'm not alone."

  • Pregnancy Counselling and Support

  • Counselling for Unplanned Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Loss Counselling (including post abortion support)

  • Remembrance Services for any pregnancy loss

  • Rachel's Vineyard Retreats for spiritual healing after abortion

  • post natal depression and anxiety support

It's normal to feel mixed emotions when you become pregnant. Adjusting to the news - whether the pregnancy is planned or unplanned - takes time. An unplanned pregnancy can cause anxiety, fear, worry, confusion. There may be many pressures being placed upon you from partner, parents or because of the difficulties you see in your situation. It may feel impossible to express your true feelings to those closest to you. It can seem easier to shut your eyes to the future and just try to get everything back to normal.

Decisions about pregnancy are forever.When you're feeling under pressure it's important to take time to talk it through with someone who isn't involved. Open Doors provides correct information about all your pregnancy options - continuing the pregnancy or having an abortion - and will support you emotionally for as long as you need as you think about what YOU want to do, what is important to YOU and what YOUR needs are.

Counselling is non-directive, meaning your counsellor will not influence you one way or another. After you decide, Open Doors is there if you need further assistance. This includes pregnancy support, adoption referrals or post-abortion counselling should you wish to talk about how that was for you.

Pregnancy loss - miscarriage, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, IVF, stillbirth

A pregnancy loss can be a very lonely, emotional experience, especially if you don't expect to be affected as is often the case with abortion. It's common to feel relief at first, especially if the situation has been difficult, but feelings of sadness and yearning can come up later on, maybe months or even years later. These feelings may be triggered by another loss, the birth of a child, the anniversary of the abortion, or another significant event.

Grief for the loss of a pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, can be unexpectedly severe. You may be feeling some or all of the following - sadness, depression, general nervousness, sleeplessness, persistent fears, excessive tiredness, nightmares and other symptoms. Part of your grieving may be for the child that might have been. Having an abortion may have solved some problems for you and yet you may find yourself wondering and wishing you could turn back the clock.

Our non-judgemental, compassionate counsellors are there to listen to your story and gently help you as you move through your journey of grief.

If you need support:

  • phone 03 9870 7044 or freecall outside Melbourne - 1800 647 995
  • email -
  • low cost face-to-face sessions
  • skype counselling available
  • counselling can continue for as long as you require
  • no referrals necessary
  • available for women, men, teenagers and couples
  • Low cost psychotherapy also available for those with long standing difficulties
Address 5 Greenwood Ave, 5 mins from Ringwood Station
Ringwood VIC 3134
Tel 03 9870 7044