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(2 locations)

Victoria Park, WA 6100

We can help you cope with life's challenges and restore your sense of wellbeing. Using a holistic and mindfulness approach, we can guide you to discover and understand yourself better and see your situation more clearly. Medicare rebates are available upon a referral from a GP. Also, enquire about Private Health Insurance rebates.
040 661 7220

Clear Mind Directions

Joe Antoine Soler and Jayne Moore-Soler

Kellyville, NSW 2155

Surfing The Blues

Surfing The Blues

Accredited counsellor & clinical hypnotherapist
Member of ACA

Alexandria, NSW 2015

Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Sometimes life gets tough and it hurts to live...if you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed by events outside of your control, or if you have difficulty managing your emotions and your relationships then it is time to call for help. Surfing the Blues specialises in helping individuals and couples get back into the groove and happiness mode.
Call today: 0411 462325

Margie Chodos

MLC Centre Medical Centre

Sydney, NSW 2000


Clear Focus Counselling

Professional Secular and Christian Counselling
BA (Min), Grad Dip Counselling.

Maddington, WA 6109

Clear Focus Counselling can help with many of today's complexed life issues such as, relationship problems, depression, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, life coaching, personal development, individual and couple counselling, as well as corporate employee counselling. Counselling is provided in a safe, non threatening environment and confidentiality is strictly enforced.

Alana O'Callaghan

Hills Holistic Counselling

Upwey, VIC 3158

Hills Holistic Counselling provides counselling to individuals, couples, families, and adolescents - specialising in trauma and mental health. Alana O'Callaghan (owner of Hills Holistic Counselling) has fifteen years experience providing high quality and professional services. Hills Holistic Counselling offers Medicare rebates to eligible clients, with very reasonable gap payments.

Adam Szmerling, Bayside Psychotherapy

Bentleigh, VIC 3204

Counsellors Melbourne providing Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Therapy to people suffering anxiety, depression and countless other troubles. Even if you can't get to Melbourne we offer online counselling via skype.


Health Services For Men & Young Men
In person, telephone and Skype consultations

(6 locations)

Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Menstuff offers a range of wellbeing services to support men, and those in their lives, to achieve their greatest potential at home, at work, and in their lives in general. Whether there are issues from the past that prevent you from moving forward, or issues from the present that are holding you back, Menstuff will work with you in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

Jan Cullis - Counsellor

Dip Prof Couns AIPC, Dip Teach
Voice Connection

St Leonards, NSW 2065

Special interest in voice disorders, assisting professional voice users, management of performance anxiety
and performance enhancement.
Sexuality Education and Counselling ACT

Sexuality Education and Counselling ACT

Dr Cristina Musso
MD, Micro, MHSc (Sexual Health)

Canberra City, ACT 2601

Sexuality Education and Counselling ACT is run by a Sexologist to facilitate good Sexual Health, through Sexual Counselling, Sexual Therapy and Education.

We offer help on all aspects of human sexuality and have a particular interest in empowering individuals and couples to achieve a better, more satisfying sexual life.

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