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Our Exercise Physiologist specializes in chronic disease management and prevention through physical activity and fitness assessment and individualised exercise prescription. Tailored cardiovascular, strengthening and/or flexibility exercise prescribed by this professional are known to help in conditions such as diabetes & IGT, obesity, CVD (including hypertension), mental health conditions (including depression), arthritis, osteoporosis & osteopenia, falls risk, COPD, cancer, dysmetabolic syndrome, asthma and mobility issues.

Our services also offer exercise prescription for the elderly in aged care facilities, injury rehabilitation, performance and nutrition advice (including sports nutrition), anthropometric measurements including: circumferences, skin fold measurements, body fat, lean tissue, weight & height, tailored power, speed and cardiovascular endurance conditioning for athletes, public speaking services on sports and exercise, group fitness sessions, exercise classes, lifestyle support for disability & general health and fitness enquiries.

If you are a gold card DVA member or referred through a Medicare chronic disease management plan by your Dr the appointments will be bulk billed. 

The Healthy Lifestyles Australia practitioners look forward to assisting you achieve your health related goals through nutrition and exercise!

Address ., PO Box 108
Lowood QLD 4311
Tel 07 3088 2323