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Gibbs Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy offers a powerful means to move beyond many of your current limitations without necessarily having to rely on pharmaceuticals or long-term counselling.

It can be of great assistance with...

  • STRESS & ANXIETY - Learn to calm and redirect chaotic thoughts and cascading emotions, and establish new patterns of relaxation in approaching life's difficulties.
  • CONFIDENCE ISSUES - Discover the hidden reasons behind your low self-esteem and why it never seems to improve, and create new understandings in your subconscious to help you lead a more happy and confident life.
  • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS - Learn new methods of communication and conflict resolution, get to the root of destructive response patterns, and be inspired to remember the important things in life and love.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL - Overcome the hurt that leads to comfort eating, and become excited to engage an active lifestyle.
  • LEARNING DIFFICULTIES - Explore the blockages to your learning, and employ any of a number of methods to overcome your present limitations.
  • SEXUAL PROBLEMS - Rid yourself of the emotional blockages that can prevent full sexual expression, and enjoy this aspect of your life as you well deserve to.
  • GRIEF - Moving on does not mean forgetting, so honour your deceased loved ones by letting go of the pain and living a good life.
  • FEARS & PHOBIAS - Hit at the root of your fears and move into freedom beyond them with the help of hypnotherapy.  

Call now on 1300-HYPNO-1 to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you.

Alternatively, take a look at our website below.

Address 827 Burke Rd, Upper Level
Camberwell VIC 3124
Tel 1300 497 661