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VCPS - Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services

VCPS - Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services

We are psychologists and psychotherapists
No waiting list

(4 locations)

East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Mr Robert Luzza, Ms Rosemary Grahame, Dr Philip Walsh, Ms Serena Thorpe, Dr Russell Deighton, Dr Peter Wigg, Dr Cherine Habib, Dr Olga Szymanska, Ms Leonie Hehir, Ms. Maria Galatsis, Dr Adam Becker, Dr Ben Buchanan, Dr Judy Dunai, Mr Damon Ashworth and Miss Crysta Derham.

Dr Nadia Boscaglia

Clinical Psychologist

Coburg, VIC 3058

Dr Nadia Boscaglia is a Clinical Psychologist consulting in Coburg. She specialises in the treatment of adult anxiety, depression and eating disorders. She has a keen interest in women's health, in particular post- and ante-natal depression.
Appointments: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Therapia Psychology

Therapia Psychology

Adelaides leading Relationship Therapists,
Clinical Sexologist and Psychologists

Norwood, SA 5067

Therapia Psychology is Adelaide's most innovative Psychology Practice. The core services provided specialise in Couples & Relationship Counselling, Sexual Health Therapy, Psychology and Corporate Coaching & Counselling.

For more information call one of our team members today on 8364 3811.
Corepsych Clinical & Corporate

Corepsych Clinical & Corporate

Medicare Bulk Billing Clinic's

Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

Psychologists at Corepsych are Medicare Bulk Billing Psychologists (NO GAP).

Dr Sandra Pisaniello - Registered Psychologist

Psychological services - Medicare, WorkCover, and Private
Forensic (court) Reports - Civil and Criminal

Glenelg North, SA 5045

Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness, Personality Disorders, Addictions, Impulse Control disorders (Gambling, Stealing), Occupational Stress and Injury, Anger Management, Grief, Loss and Trauma. Couples counselling.

Court reports in Workers Compensation, Victim of Crime, Care & Protection, Youth, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Family, and Criminal matters.

Mr Shawn Price

Mornington Peninsula Psychology

Frankston, VIC 3199

Gerry North Counsellor London

Gerry North Counsellor London

Grad Diploma Counselling
BA (Edu)


Counselling couples + the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions and sexual issues. By visiting family history we can see what drives adult behaviours. This awareness creates change.Talking therapy, or Narrative therapy, allows clients to see what they mainly think about, feel and act on. Through this understanding change occurs. Client centred therapy is the most effective
Jurmaine Health

Jurmaine Health

Neuropsychologist Melbourne

VIC, VIC 3072

Neuropsychological Assessments and rehabilitation for the brain. For the body, we provide clinical biomechanics and movement performance training for sports athletes.
Catherine McPhee

Catherine McPhee

Child Psychologist
Melbourne Children's Clinic

Camberwell, VIC 3124


Associate Professor Greg Savage

Macquarie Neurosurgery

Macquarie University, NSW 2109

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