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Homoeopathy can benefit people of any age

Homoeopathy treats the 'whole person' which means that two people presenting with the same complaint may receive a different medicine based on their individual symptoms and emotional response to the illness.

Homoeopathy is affordable

Homoeopathic medicines are made utilising predominately plant, animal & mineral substances in dilution to stimulate the body's own natural healing response.

Homoeopathy can be used in many situations

A wide range of both acute and chronic conditions may benefit from homoeopathic medicine. Homoeopathy may be of help in: sports injuries, coughs, colds, diarrhoea, hay fever, travel sickness...

Homoeopathic medicines are natural and gentle

Homoeopathic medicines can be given in the form of liquid, granules, powder or tablets and are designed to stimulate the body's natural healing response. Depending on your individual situation your homoeopathic practitioner will give you more specific directions for taking your medicine(s).

Homoeopathy can be used alongside other medicines

Homoeopathic medicines have not been known to produce side effects and can be taken in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications.

Our Mission

  • Support the growth and integration of homoeopathy in Australia
  • Promote robust homoeopathic research
  • Provide useful information to the public about homoeopathy
  • Provide quality professional development opportunities for practitioners