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The Holistic Kinesiologist

Kinesiology is the practice of muscle testing, stemming from the principals of Chinese medicine Chiropractic techniques.

Using Kinesiology, muscles become monitors indicating stress and imbalance. By 'muscle monitoring', kinesiology is a versatile tool for identifying and correcting various imbalances in your body and therefore, in your life.

Kinesiology utilizes acupressure points, the meridians, colour and sound therapy, flower essences, guided imagery and/ or muscle stimulation.

You may be given essences, exercises or nutritional adjustments to assist your journey to optimum health and balance. A Kinesiology session will take 1 1 hours, providing a safe and fast release of blockages or issues.

When was the last time you felt really well? Would you like to feel that way again? Book now!

Address 79A Grandview St
Pymble NSW 2073
Tel 0418 490 866