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Kinesiology offers a synthesis of the structural and vibrational aspects to health. Kinesiologists look upon the body as a human energy field and aim to rebalance subtle energetic configurations.

The Australian Kinesiology Association Inc is a national kinesiology body representing the professional interests of kinesiology practitioners and instructors, as well as the interests of students and the public. The Australian Kinesiology Practitioner Registration Board (AKAPRB) sets the standards and approves applications for the registration of kinesiologists.

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Australian Kinesiology Association

Australian Kinesiology Association

Kerrimuir, VIC 3129

AKA Inc., is a national membership body representing kinesiology practitioners and instructors. The AKA is also an information resource for students and the general public interested in kinesiology studies and/or consultations.

Make sure you visit the AKA website or call the office to check that the practitioner or instructor/trainer is a registered member of the AKA.
BodyComm Kinesiology

BodyComm Kinesiology

Diane Low - Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
BSc., Dip Kinesiology, Reiki Master, Member AIK, ATMS, ARC

Doncaster East, VIC 3109

Ready to let go of that emotional baggage? Time to start being the person you want to be? Live the life you choose to live by understanding what's stopping you from getting there and making a change. Kinesiology is a truly holistic natural therapy that uses muscle testing to access your body's innate healing intelligence in order to bring about total balance...
Kinesiology Affect

Kinesiology Affect

Your catalyst for change
Kinesiology for emotional support

Earlwood, NSW 2206

I specialise in helping people in emotional pain.

Anxiety and physical stress has an emotional link and can be the end result of you not dealing with an emotion or trauma that you've suppressed or avoided.
Kinesiology is a gentle modality which helps you diffuse old emotions, trauma and pain by addressing them at the subconscious level.
Byron Bay Kinesiology - Healings - Readings with Lin Bell

Byron Bay Kinesiology - Healings - Readings with Lin Bell

Sacred Travels
Inner Self Guidance Cards

Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Lin uses her 36 years of experience in the Healing Arts, together with her intuition, to take you deeply into your issues, to release doubt and fear, and to bring clear understanding so you feel connected and empowered to move forward in your life with confidence and trust.
Come into a place of acceptance, release and healing, gently, safely.
Transform cellular memory.
Phil Williams Kinesiology

Phil Williams Kinesiology

Dip. Holistic Kinesiology, Dip. Sports Kinesiology

(2 locations)

Carlton, VIC 3053

Phil Williams has over 10 years experience as a practitioner and teacher of kinesiology. Phil Williiams practices in Melbourne as well as in Taggerty. To find out more or book an appointment visit my website.
Affinity Wellness

Affinity Wellness

Dreamwork, Coaching

Camberwell, VIC 3124

Affinity Wellness is a holistic wellness practice offering Kinesiology and services in Armadale, Melbourne. We offer a complete holistic wellness experience by focusing on all of your health and wellness needs for body, mind and spirit.
Harmonie Kinesiology and Breathwork

Harmonie Kinesiology and Breathwork

As Within so Without
Ghislaine Bouskila

Woolloomoloo, NSW 2011

Kinesiology services in Sydney, located in east Sydney, Woolloomooloo.
Kinesiology, breathwork and a few other tools as well as Ghislaine's gentle approach and experience to support you in finding the life that you deserve. Ghislaine's area of expertise is mental health (Anxiety, depression, panic attacks), digestive issues (IBS, Crohns) and chronic disease (Lyme, cancer, auto immune diseases)
Natasha Colchester - Kinesiologist

Natasha Colchester - Kinesiologist

Seek Balance
body, mind & soul

Fitzroy, VIC 3065

My goal is to facilitate your own unique journey of reconnecting with your true nature; and your ability to be happy and healthy in this life.
I include a variety of techniques to assist in this process of re-discovering inner balance (physically, psychologically & energetically); including: kinesiology, flower essences, sound, crystals, visualisation, chakra & acupoint balancing.

Carmen Low

Life Couching

Red Hill, QLD 4059

Soul Vibe - Kinesiology

Soul Vibe - Kinesiology

Vibrational Kinesiology - Dawson Program protocol
Ear Candling

Leeton, NSW 2705

Applied and Vibrational Kinesiology using Dawson Program protocol to find root cause of discomfort, then to correct using ancient sounds, bells and bowls combinations. Corrections take one hour.

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