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Australian Kinesiology Association

Australian Kinesiology Association

Kerrimuir, VIC 3129

The vision of the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. is to provide a platform of high standards of kinesiology that practitioners, the public and the government can rely upon. As an industry association we strive to lead in educating and gaining community acceptance of kinesiology as an outstanding health modality for all Australians.
BodyComm Kinesiology

BodyComm Kinesiology

Diane Low - Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
Dip Kinesiology, Reiki Master, ATMS, ARC

Doncaster East, VIC 3109

Ready to let go of that emotional baggage? Time to start being the person you want to be? Live the life you choose to live by understanding what's stopping you from getting there and making positive change. Kinesiology is a truly holistic natural therapy that uses muscle testing to access your body's innate healing intelligence in order to bring about total balance...
Byron Bay Kinesiology - Healings - Readings with Lin Bell

Byron Bay Kinesiology - Healings - Readings with Lin Bell

Sacred Travels
Inner Self Guidance Cards

Byron Bay, NSW 2481

My 37 years as a trained health practitioner/Kinesiologist differentiates me. Clients say they’ve worked on such a deep level and that is what has allowed them to make powerful, positive and lasting shifts in a short time.As one of the most experienced Kinesiologists in Byron Bay, I regularly witness clients experience profound changes within one session. Available in person, or online via Skype.
Affinity Wellness

Affinity Wellness

Dreamwork, Coaching

Camberwell, VIC 3124

Affinity Wellness is a holistic wellness practice offering Kinesiology and services in Armadale, Melbourne. We offer a complete holistic wellness experience by focusing on all of your health and wellness needs for body, mind and spirit.
Conscious Energy Medicine

Conscious Energy Medicine

Ghislaine Bouskila

Paddington, NSW 2021

Ghislaine Bouskila is a therapist, blogger, workshop facilitator and author.

Ghislaine has been in private practice since 2001 and has made it her mission and her joy to discover the surest ways to health and wholeness, creativity, and vitality.

Conscious Energy Medicine is Kinesiology, Breathwork, Energy Medicine and spiritual Psychology. Sessions are online.
Leap To Life

Leap To Life

Feel the Difference ~ Love the Change
Holistic Kinesiology, LEAP Practitioner


Looking to improve you or your child's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing? So are we!

Using your body's own innate wisdom, Kinesiology (using gentle Muscle monitoring) allows to explore what will support you - nutritionally, environmentally and increase your capacity to cope with daily life stresses.

Carmen Low

Life Couching

Red Hill, QLD 4059

Soul Vibe - Kinesiology

Soul Vibe - Kinesiology

Vibrational Kinesiology - Dawson Program protocol
Ear Candling

Leeton, NSW 2705

Applied and Vibrational Kinesiology using Dawson Program protocol to find root cause of discomfort, then to correct using ancient sounds, bells and bowls combinations. Corrections take one hour.
'effective kinesiology'

'effective kinesiology'

Holistic kinesiology
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Macleod, VIC 3085

Address physical pain, illness, MOTIVATION. Sleep issues, nightmares, teeth grinding, stress, DEPRESSION, weight! Low self-esteem, self-confidence, ANXIETY, anger, grief, fears, phobias, addictions, headaches. Exam Stress, fatigue, mood swings.

Gain clarity, direction, purpose, Adults, teenagers, children.
Regression techniques access this life & past life issues.

Soul Energy Matter Balance

Alternative and Holistic Wellbeing
We have the Power to create our life, heal and transform

Footscray, VIC 3011

"Heal the soul first, then healing of mind and body will follow" Dr and Master Sha.

Challenges in life is due to soul mind body blockages. When we get sick physically or emotionally our state of being is out of balance.

Through our services you receive special frequency and vibration, which align the soul, physical body, emotional, or mental.

In person or over the phone, skype

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