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TestoChecker® provides at-home hormone test kits and digital laboratory results to the Australian market.

Why test hormones? Because hormones affect many aspects of our health both physical and behavioral, and we depend on them. In many cases though they are overlooked when assessing the cause of ailment. Motivation, mental health, fertility hormone regularity and also bone density and muscle growth are just some of the implications associated with hormone health.

Stop guessing and start testing today by visiting our online store and selecting the kit that's right for you. Samples analyzed in a fully accredited laboratory right here in Australia.

Free delivery on all orders currently.

Please ​note:​ ​TestoChecker®​ ​is​ ​not​ ​a​ ​medical​ ​practice​ ​and​ ​we​ ​do​ ​not​ ​provide​ ​medical​ ​advice.​ ​Always consult​ ​with​ ​your​ ​general​ ​practitioner​ ​(GP)​ ​if​ ​you​ ​feel​ ​ ​you​ ​may​ ​need​ ​medical​ ​attention.​ ​ ​Headaches, dizziness,​ ​chest​ ​pain​ ​and​ ​or​ ​nausea​ ​are​ ​just​ ​some​ ​of​ ​the​ ​symptoms​ ​requiring​ ​urgent​ ​medical attention.

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