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nib Dental Care Centre

nib Dental Care Centre

(6 locations)

Sydney, NSW 2000


Sara Couch & Associates

Dr Sara Couch
Dr Andrzej Osipowicz

Castle Hill, NSW 2154


Dr Danilo Strumendo

Smiles of Ryde

West Ryde, NSW 2114

Conveniently located in the heart of Ryde, we provide quality dental care for you and your whole family. Smiles of Ryde provides individual dental care plans and specialised treatments. Treatments include examinations, cleans, fillings, fissure seals, whitening, crowns, bridges and more. We look forward to welcoming you to our new location at Smiles of Ryde.
Dr Zhen Mashen, Bio Dental Care

Dr Zhen Mashen, Bio Dental Care

Dental Surgeon

Kirrawee, NSW 2232

Dentistry by Design

Dentistry by Design

Dr Jemima Kalos, Dr Melissa Anderson and Dr Alan Lee, Dr Rosanne Vartuli

Balmain, NSW 2041

Balmain dentists
Dental Hygienists
Oral Health Therapists
Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental

Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental

Dr Tim Jorgensen, Dr Kurt Mutzelburg, Dr Paul Mutzelburg and Genevieve Bailey Dental Hygienist
Family Dentists in Pine Rivers and Brisbane


Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental is a modern family clinic in Everton Park. Our friendly dentists stay informed about the latest developments in dental technology so we can always provide the best care available. At Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental we provide a complete range of services, because we understand that different ages have different needs. Children's clinics by appointment.
Bio Compatible Dentistry

Bio Compatible Dentistry

Healthier Teeth - Healthier Body

Sydney, NSW 2000

At Bio Compatibe Dentistry we believe that optimal oral health can only be achieved when dental practices respect, and work harmoniously with, all biological systems fo the body.
We practice conscious dentistry - conscious of how treatments of the teeth and jaws affect your overall health - the tooth-body relationship.

SC Family Dental Clinic

Rowville, VIC 3178

Dental practice in Rowville, Victoria.

Dr Aushi Patel

Bio Compatible Dentistry
"Looking Beyond The Mouth"

Sydney, NSW 2000




Hawthorn East, VIC 3123

We have a room for lease - 12 square meters. Inc 2 sinks and cabinetry. Room would suit beautician, massage or dental specialist etc. Large carpark for staff and clients.
Shared use of waiting room, staff room and bathroom facilities.
$295 p/week

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