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How do I correct information on

To correct information about you

Send us an email with the correct information or use the "Report wrong information" feature on the top of the detailed page, accessible by clicking on your listing. Alternatively, request a user name and password for online access and make changes to your listing information any time.

To correct information about others

Use the "Report wrong information" feature.

What is included in the free Listing+Page?

Name and contact details, a 40 word introduction that links to a page with persuasive messages (300+ words [searchable by keywords], 5 images and a link to your website). People are searching for compelling information - not just your address or phone number. Listing+Page enables you to inform and influence the reader.

How often can I amend my information on the directory?

As many times as you require. There is no cost associated with this service.

I have amended my information but when I search on Google, the incorrect details show.

Google and other search engines take some time to re-crawl websites and process new and amended information on them. While Google and others crawl every day, some changes may not be shown in the search engine's search results for weeks or months.

We have no control over search engine behaviour. We can assure you however, that when you update your information on, we approve the changes and your new information is visible within three business days. This also means that if someone clicks on the outdated information that is cached on Google, the link will take the person to the corrected information on .

Can I just simply link my website from my listing?

Yes. However, we recommend placing a paragraph of introduction with your listing to attract users and to generate user interest to call you or to visit your website. Populating your Listing+Page with information also increases your listing's frequency in search results.

Do you offer assistance with placing advertisements?

Yes. You can submit your information by email or post. There may be an additional fee applicable for the conversion of information to online. In this case you would be contacted for confirmation that you still wanted our assistance. We do not usually charge for assisting participants with placing listing text and logo/image. Additional rates usually apply to Page creation for other than not-for-profit entities.

Can I list my practice for sale on your site?

Yes. has a dedicated category Practice sales/Premises under Industry Suppliers.

Can I list more than one practice address?

Yes. We recommend that you list all of your practice addresses as they are all searchable by location, postcode and postcode radius. Additional addresses increase the frequency of your listing in search results.

Can I recommend to my health professional to list?

We appreciate your recommendation. Health professionals in solo or small practice can take advantage of our free listing services or select a commercial advertising option.

Can I link to from my website?

Yes. Feel free to add a link on your site to the Australian Health Directory,