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The health industry suppliers directory features listings of businesses that specialise in supplying the health and aged care industry. The categories are tailored to reflect specific areas of information needs of professionals, private practices, and health and aged care businesses.

The directory enables purchasing decision makers in the health and aged care industry to find a range of suppliers and to make better informed decisions.

Industry suppliers have been traditionally communicating with their markets through direct mail, advertising in health and aged care industry magazines and participating in industry exhibitions. The health industry suppliers directory provides a new, convenient and cost-effective avenue for communication, a platform that can be used as a virtual shop-front to suppliers' websites. Health industry suppliers can use the directory to promote their business and to disseminate information about new products and services.

The directory incorporates listings of consultants (specialising in areas such as health marketing, practice sales, practice management, hospital food safety, OHS, accreditation and quality improvement); suppliers of hospital furniture and medical equipment; service providers in the area of health law and compliance, medical waste management, patient transport and hospital personnel.

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