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The Sky Factory
is a unique enterprise that creates realistic illusions of sky for interior spaces. In the past several years these illusions, called SkyCeiling, have been installed in thousands of ceilings worldwide: in healthcare, commercial, hospitality, and increasingly in private homes.

Sky Factory SkyCeilings are versatile, visually engaging tools for architects who wish to modify the experience of interior spaces. These realistic illusory skies bring the influence of nature and a sense of openness to otherwise confined environments. The effectiveness of Sky Factory illusions lies in their ability to replicate the many subtle stimuli of real sky. Carefully controlled light temperature, accurate cloud pattern, color and correct perspective, all interact with our habits of perception to produce an experience of real sky. SkyCeilings, installed in standard ceiling grid systems, function as virtual skylights.

Luminous Virtual Windows The Sky Factory wall product is a thin edgelit system that is set into walls and uses high-resolution photographic images of landscapes. Luminous Virtual Windows are designed to create the feeling of looking at nature through a window. Using a pair or series of windows enhances the 'window' illusion.

SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows can transform any interior environment, stores, conference rooms, offices, spas, healthcare rooms, hotel lobbies, elevator cabs, restaurants and homes. Their range of application is unlimited. Sky Factory design tools allow architects and designers to produce a physiological relaxation response in those who occupy their designed spaces.

The mechanics behind the illusion of SkyCeilings.

Sky Factory SkyCeilings, like any illusion, operate by providing sensory input that confuses the process of cognition. An important component of SkyCeilings is the incorporation of daylightbalanced 6500 Kelvin light, the same light used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The Sky Factory uses this light because the senses and mind do not distinguish between this (artificial) light and real daylight. In addition, the high-CRI (color rendering index) T5 fluorescent or LED sources illuminate the image pigments and environmental colours in a uniform and accurate way.

Sky Factory SkyTile Elevators further contribute to the illusion. Elevators are aluminum extrusions that transform the standard ceiling grid into a structure that, because of perceptual habits, looks to the mind like the extrusions used to support a real skylight. Again, by modifying the cognitive process, the mind is tricked into 'knowing' that what is actually on all sides of such a structural grid must be 'beyond' like a real sky.

For further information, visit our website below.

Address 12 Assam Street
Madora Bay WA 6210
Tel 0428 349 721