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About iMDsoft

iMDsoft is a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems for critical, perioperative, and acute care environments.


MetaVision generates comprehensive and accurate electronic medical records, and offers advanced decision support and medication management. Hospitals worldwide use MetaVision to improve care quality and enhance financial results. The system promotes compliance with protocols such as National Safety and Quality Health Service standards, streamlines reporting for initiatives such as ANZICS, and supports clinical research.

Our customers

MetaVision is the CIS of choice for leading organisations. Our clients private and public healthcare organisations such as New South Wales Health, Queensland Health, ACT Health and Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Proven Results

Our clients report a range of benefits:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
    • Length of patient stay reduced by 20% at Paul Brousse Hospital
    • Near 50% increase in safe medication prescribing at Gold Coast Hospital, Queensland Health
  • Enhanced operational and financial performance
  • 95 minutes time saved for nurses in a 12 hour shift
  • Reduced reporting time by 30 minutes per shift
  • A saving of $700,000 on drugs
  • Increased protocol compliance
    • Masachussets General Hospital increased its ability to capture adverse events by 92%

The MetaVision Suite

MetaVision for Critical Care




MetaVision for Perioperative Care



Other products

MetaVision SafeTrack™ - advanced track and trigger system

Address 16/99 Musgrave Road
Red Hill QLD 4059
Tel 1800 240 919