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Visibility Solutions

Visibility Solutions specialises in the automation of patient and healthcare equipment workflows, within the hospital environment.

Our systems include Awarepoint Real-time Awareness Solutions®, healthcare's leading RTLS solution provider. It combines the unmatched accuracy of a standards based Zigbee location engine, with best-in-class hospital workflow software.

The Zigbee network is a low power, high accuracy mesh network. Zigbee is the only solution for effective RTLS integration into Hospital Information Systems. Wi-Fi RTLS systems can suffer dreadful accuracy with regular, and costly calibration required, any changes in the network load will impact Wi-Fi RTLS accuracy. We feel Wi-Fi best serves the functions it was designed for, the transmission of data. Poor RTLS accuracy issues will substantially undermine clinical trust & acceptance of the Hospital Information Systems that rely on accuracy.

RTLS has evolved from the simple equipment and patient location system. Awarepoint RTLS is akin to an indoor positioning system, with navigation, route planning and decision support.

Highly accurate location data is supplied to software workflow systems. These systems now offer automated workflow modules for the Emergency, Perioperative, ICU, Cardiovascular and Radiology specialties. Providing real-time clinical, facility and executive data, RTLS measurably improves hospital efficiency, safety and the patient experience.

Our RFID & RTLS systems automate and streamline many core processes including:

  • Patient tracking, safety & flow
  • Locating, routing & auditing portable medical equipment to ensure cleaning, maintenance, distribution, utilisation and security.
  • Monitoring and documenting staff compliance with hand hygiene and other infection control guidelines.
  • Monitoring, alerting & logging of temperature-controlled environments
  • Managing turnover of inpatient beds and hospital capacity integrating with PAS and other hospital information systems.

Visibility Solutions is the answer for real-time, evidence-based decision support in hospitals.

Please visit our website below for more information.

Address ., P.O. Box 221 Sutherland 1499
Kirrawee NSW 2232
Tel +61 0432989859