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Consulting Philosophers

We provide philosophical consultation services for projects that demand a polymath or multidisciplinary approach. This service is directed to companies, organisations, government departments and governments. A philosopher - or a suitable team of Australian and New Zealand philosophers - will be brought together to research particular complex issues of concern and they will then apply logic toward their efficient and ethical resolution: and according to a set of values. We endeavour to provide optimized conceptual options and solutions to challenging projects, especially those that require the employment of knowledge and skills across a wide range of fields. We aim to promote the highest ethical standards whilst serving the particular aspirations of our client.

Philosopher as Conciliator
We provide a philosopher to conciliate and settle your disputes so that you may avoid legal expenses, lengthy delays and opportunity costs.

Targeted Training Program Design and Delivery
Our training programs are designed to our client's specific needs and purposes. The programs are moderated to the target audience's knowledge, skills and ability. No two enterprises are the same and therefore the client context is always unique. By carefully tailoring the design and delivery of the program to the prevailing context, we are able to serve our client's purposes more effectively.

Philosopher on Board
We provide a philosopher who will attend your Board meetings when it is addressing a particular ethical or operational issue of concern or upon a regular basis to provide on-going philosophical counselling.

Philosopher in Residence
We provide a philosopher to be in attendance at your organisation for an agreed time for general consultation by your members, for targeted training, and also for the completion of special projects.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Auditing and Advisory Services
We provide independent CSR auditing of corporate visions, missions, decisions and operations.
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