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Food Safety Training for Health Care Industry

Food Safety Training for Health Care Industry

Train online or in class
We have successfully trained over 30,000 safe food handlers

The food safety course codes have been updated they are now
HLTFSE001 Follow basic food safety practices
HLTFSE005 Apply and monitor food safety requirements
HLTFSE007 Oversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace

Train online or in class, let us know how we can assist with your food safety compliance.
Food Consultants Australia

Food Consultants Australia

Southbank, VIC 3006

Allow us to help you solve your food service issues - wherever you are located. Great team of hands on consultants who can optimise your menu and service delivery or find a better way of doing things!
Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd

Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd

Ormond, VIC 3204

Design and Construction
Project and Site Management
Menu Development and Re-structuring
Operation and Management Services
Staff and Management Assessment and Training
Hospitality Consulting Services

Hospitality Consulting Services

Menu compilation & assessment, Food service delivery audit
Food Safety audit assessment & HACCP compliance


Providing independent, professional advice on Food Safety, and Hospitality Operations in Aged Care.
As QLD Health & NSW Food Authority approved Food Safety Auditors we also provide auditing services for Aged Care & Cook-Chill providers.
We do not supply catering services but offer assistance to contractors and in-house providers to meet all food service requirements necessary for accreditation.
Infocus Food Safety

Infocus Food Safety

Food Safety Programs
Specialising in Aged Care, Hospitals and Catering

South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Operating since 1989 Infocus Food Safety provides specialist food safety management & training services to aged care facilities, hospitals and catering organisations in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA & TAS. Our services include Food Safety Management Advice, Food Safety Program Development, Food Safety Courses, including Food Handler, Food Hygiene Refreshers, Food Safety Supervisor, HACCP in Healthcare.

Auditing Food Safety (Brisbane)

NSW Food Authority & QLD Health Approved Auditor
Covering Northern NSW & all QLD

Currumbin, QLD 4223

Accredited auditor, Food Service manager and qualified chef providing auditing and consultancy services to aged care & cook-chill providers.
The Environmental Health Consultancy

The Environmental Health Consultancy

a global service

Hurstville, NSW 2220

Food safety services
Food safety audits
HACCP certification
Australian Institute of Accreditation

Australian Institute of Accreditation

Food Safety Courses

Burwood, QLD 3125

Our specialty is using our extensive knowledge about how people learn and what makes a great online experience, to deliver high quality Food Safety courses across Australia. We are dedicated to providing innovative, effective and compliant Vocational Education and Learning solutions for individuals through to large corporate organisations right across Australia. We also provide Moodle plugins.

Clean and Clear Water Filters

Bankstown, NSW 2200

Clean & Clear is the trusted source of premium water filters in Sydney. We have an extensive water filter range that are sold at highly-competitive prices.


Commercial-grade vaccine and food cooler bags
Instant ice packs

Sydney, NSW 2113

Cryolux also has a range of Cooler Bags that are insulated with Vacuum Technology making them one of the best performing Cooler Bags.
If you are looking for a cost effective high-performance cooler bag, we recommend our Polyurethane Coolers.

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