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The Psychosomatic Therapy College (PTC) is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation in Mind Body Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy. We provide an accredited Certificate III training as well as a PTC approved Master Practitioner & Teacher Training levels. Students are taught to identify core issues where stress, tension and discomfort are held in the body before they become disease. It is a systematic approach to the identification and treatment of physical, emotional and mental conditions. This dramatic life changing modality achieves results.

By analysing the condition of the body shape, size, tissue restrictions or protection, the emotional past of a person is revealed. These identifying characteristics are seen in a persons face, hands, feet and body.

By revealing areas where emotions have been suppressed and stress and tension have been held, Psychosomatic Therapy uses techniques to release these redundant cellular memories.

Learning and integrating these techniques is life changing and improvements in any health, emotional or mental conditions are rapid. Students apply these techniques on a daily basis.

Psychosomatic Therapy improves your understanding of yourself and others and provides you with the tools for any change you wish to achieve in your life.

Psychosomatic Therapy compliments other complimentary modalities, particularly remedial massage and counseling. Students can enroll in Certificate III, Masters & Teacher Training courses in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Individuals with qualifications in Psychosomatic Therapy can work in a variety of clinical settings, the fitness industry and psychology-based professions.

Address 14 Billabirra Crescent
Nerang QLD 4211
Tel 07 5500 4768