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Wrightway bins for hospital kitchens

Hands-Free Lid Lifta Bins:

Wrightway specialise in bins with or without Lid Lifta foot pedals for industrial use within commercial kitchens Australia wide.

The Lid Lifta stainless steel foot pedal has been specifically designed for constant use and facilitates the inclusion of lidded bins within food processing areas without imposing restraints on staff who will be able to open and close the lid with ease. The Lid Lifta hands-free bin allows the user to open and close the bin lid without touching the lid thereby ensuring the operator does not need to wash hands or change gloves every time the lid is used.

Bins are available in a range of sizes and colours, with or without the Lid Lifta.

NEW PRODUCT: The Wrightway Bin

Patented basic wheelie bin with and additional 2 multi-directional stabilising castors under the front of the bin which allow the bin to be pushed forward (or pulled back) without the operator having to tilt the bin back and 'carry' the weight within as the bin is being re-located. The Wrightway Bin is available in 80 litres and 140 litres only.

Wrightway can also provide a bin tipper for the safe efficient emptying of bins into industrial skips.

Please refer to our website below further details of bins, Lid Lifta bins, or the wrightway2MT (the right way to empty) bin tipper.

Address PO Box 6296
South Lismore NSW 2480
Tel 02 6622 7111