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Our extensive product range includes chillers, freezers, blast and shock freezers, cool and freezer rooms and the customisation of products to suit our clients' individual specifications and requirements.  

We have strong links and partnerships with a number of global commercial refrigeration leaders, including Haier in China, Busung in South Korea and Irinox and MISA in Italy. Our international partners share our values when it comes to innovation and quality of products. 

Quality & Performance

Food hygiene is paramount and we strive to lead the market in the provision of safe, energy efficient commercial refrigeration and food service solutions.  Our products constantly and evenly chill foods and beverages, which is of vital importance in today's increasingly regulated industry. 

At SKOPE, we know that each and every one of us has a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our non-renewable resources. We design products that are made to last, with a focus on durability and extended product life. 

Irinox Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers

SKOPE is proud to be the sole Australasian distributor of the world leading Italian range of Irinox Blast Chillers, Shock Freezers and Holding Cabinets.

Irinox Blast Chillers can blast chill or shock freeze almost any types of food products, from meat and fish to soups, bread and fruit, without compromising their freshness, texture, flavour, moisture and aroma. Products that are blast chilled will last up to three times longer than conventional cooling methods. 

Irinox technology enables users to cool, thaw, freeze, proof, pasteurise and cook at low temperatures and revolutionises the way kitchens operate, vastly improving planning and production times, improving food safety and slashing labour costs by up to 30%.  

MISA Modular Cool and Freezer Rooms

MISA is an Italian designed premium polyurethane cool and freezer room system, distributed exclusively throughout Australia by SKOPE.

Designed specifically for cool or freezer rooms, production rooms and commercial and industrial processing plants, MISA can be supplied to suit any modular size requirement and are a superior solution for busy environments requiring flexible food storage management.

Multiple combination MISA rooms can be designed by SKOPE, with a quick assembly or disassembly time for optimum flexibility.  MISA provides high storage capacity with low footprint, for maximum use of space.

In an ever-evolving environment, flexibility is key; the MISA modular cool and freezer room system offers future flexibility because it can be expanded or altered to suit changing circumstances.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Raising standards in design and performance, while lowering environmental impact, are key to our future and are core SKOPE design principles.  

SKOPE's high expectations of quality and performance, and our company's long-standing presence in the industry, have resulted in design values and products that rise well above the minimum safety and performance standards. 

All SKOPE Glass Door Merchandisers undergo rigorous in-house testing before completing the mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) test, where the majority of our products exceed the requirements for a High Efficiency Rating, signifying the very best in engineered efficiency.

Ongoing research into new electrical engineering technologies and relationship building with global companies ensures we keep pace with the latest advancements in environmental sustainably and energy efficiency. Recent advancements include developments in self-learning electronic controllers and advanced digital component control, both resulting in significant energy reductions. 

We pride ourselves on being energy experts, so you can depend on us for peace of mind and the best in commercial refrigeration.

Address 57 Princess Street
Christchurch 8041
Tel +64 (3) 983 3800