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Q. Is sleep apnoea treatable?

A. Yes.

Generally speaking there 5 different ways of going about treatment.

The Gold standard is using CPAP. CPAP stands for Continual Positive Airway Pressure and it effectively uses a pressure stent to open up the airway. By opening the airway the patient can then breathe properly during the night, keeping oxygen levels higher and preventing arousals from occurring. Studies suggest this is the most effective treatment.

Some people find wearing the mask quite difficult but a trial period and proper guidance at the start of treatment has been proven to improve compliance rates.

Second most effective treatment is using the Mandibular Advancement splint (MAS). The MAS is a mouthguard like device which holds the jaw in a particular position for the night allowing the airway to stay open. Surgery is another option but is believed to be quite painful and not overly successful. In some cases positional therapy has proven to be quite successful. When patients are in the supine position (lying on their backs) sleep apnoea is generally worse. This does show up on sleep tests and your specialist will discuss the relevance of this.

Weight loss is another factor for some people. However weight loss is extremely hard to achieve when feeling exhausted. A) you are too tired to do any exercise and B) a lack of sleep can interrupt the release of metabolic hormones throughout the night.

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