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Medicor Hand Instrument Co.

Medical hand instruments

CE, FDA, EN DIN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2010 approved

Our company has more than 60 years experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality medical hand instruments worldwide. We manufacture under the brand name of Medicor, as well as act as an OEM partner. 

All our products (marked either with the brand of Medicor Hand Instruments Co. or the logo of our customers) carry a 7 years guarantee in respect to faults arising from materials and workmanship. We repair or exchange them free of charge.

Main types of our products are:

Knifes, scalpels, scissors (traditional or with TC inserts), hemostatic-, swab-, tissue- and organ holding forceps, dissecting and dressing forceps (traditional or with TC inserts), needle holders (traditional or with TC inserts), surgical hooks, retractors and spatulas, bone rongeurs and bone holding forceps, non-traumatic hand instruments, micro surgical instruments (for ophthalmology, vascular surgery, nerve surgery), specimen forceps; tooth extracting forceps, root elevators and filling instruments and orthodontics/periodontics instruments.

Please visit our website for more information about our company and its activities.

Medicor has developed a special line of horse dental instruments.

The excellent quality of our hand instruments is ensured by the German stainless steel raw materials and forgings (from Solingen), advanced technology and professional experience of our more than 250 employees. We submit every item to a chemical passivation process to improve their corrosion resistance, and they are also subjected to a boiling test in distilled water, as prescribed by international standards. These guarantee that the form, hardness and elasticity, as well as the corrosion resistance of the finished products fully satisfy our customers' requirements.

Our instruments are produced with a mirror surface finish or non-reflecting mat surface, according to the preference of users. The mat finish can be of two kinds: satin mat or beaded mat.

Our Quality Control Section, independent from the production workshop, carries out control inspections on every item in relation to dimensions, form, surface finish and operational requirements.

Address Illatos út 9
Budapest 1097
Tel +36 1 280 6900