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LifeWave Patches Australia

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION: Tired of the circle of doing the same thing and getting the same result? This is the chance to change with something already proven and effective. NOT something that could take weeks of use for little or no result but something low cost and already proven.

WHAT ARE THEY? The Non Transdermal patches we use are an advanced form of acupuncture. Using no needles these patches are now successfully used by medical professionals in many countries toward easing pain, improving sleep, improving energy, fighting infection and are overcoming many of the issues we all face today. Extensive clinical studies prove their effectiveness.

WHY ARE WE OFFERING FREE SAMPLES? This is a product now used worldwide, but many people who are suffering with pain and other issues have no idea of the benefits of these patches. For this reason we are offering a free try of the effectiveness of the patches toward easing pain. Because the patches usually work within minutes, even seconds, you will know very quickly if they are for you.

RESEARCH: These patches have extensive quality research and are listed in PubMed Medical Journals. These are the same patches used world-wide for disaster victims. Examples: Bushfire victims in Australia, Earthquake victims in Italy, Nepal and Haiti (30 doctors and nurses were specifically trained for assisting with the Lifewave patches in Haiti) and are also used to assist Purple Hearts – (Injured Military Personnel in the US).

NOTE: The Patches are NON TRANSDERMAL, meaning NO drugs, NO chemicals or other substances are going into the body. They are around the size of a 20c piece and attach to the body, clothing or bandaging and work by communicating with the body’s energy system with Infra-red light when placed on or near the body. The principle is similar to acupuncture but far more effective, safer and lower in cost. THERE ARE NO HARMFULL SIFE EFFECTS! The patches are very easy and safe to use. One does not have to be familiar with acupuncture as simple directions are provided for placement of the patches for various conditions.

OF SPECIAL NOTE: This is not a product that would normally take hours, days or even weeks to produce a significant result. Results will vary with individuals but often even short term use of the patches will produce a long term result.

The patches are registered with the medical authorities in 100+ countries they are now distributed. Please contact us if need further information, details of research or trials or support in using these patches.

HOW TO ORDER: What could be easier than picking up the phone or sending an email to find out more about how this product can help you. It may will be one of the most beneficial decisions you make for yourself, your family, or people that you care about.

Director of Lifewave Australasia: Matthew Tweedie

Address 34 Cresdee Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074, Australia
Campbelltown SA 5074
Tel +61 0411456510