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Healthy lifestyle

There are many factors that influence our ability to maintain good health; education level (ability to collect, interpret and apply healthy lifestyle-related information); social position (employment status, income level and living environment); social connectedness (involvement with our families, friends, local communities, local churches and creative activities); nutrition (knowledge about and access to clean and fresh food, and water); involvement in physical activities (sport and recreation); the wider environment in which we live in (air quality, space and privacy) and psychological factors (attitudes, beliefs, coping mechanisms and environmental stressors).

While some of these factors are outside our immediate control, we have ample opportunities for making wise lifestyle choices that enhance our sense of well being and help us maintain good health. With easy access to a vast amount of information and knowledge about healthy lifestyles now within the reach of most Australians, we can become better managers of our health.

The purpose of the categories accessible on this page under Healthy lifestyle is to facilitate the dissemination of information about products and services that promote well being and longevity. We will be listing participants that focus on helping you to manage the air and water quality in your environment, promote healthy eating, relaxation through meditation and yoga and offer assistance with weight management.