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Clean water is essential for our health. While in Australia we have been well supplied with clean drinking water, the last few years of dry weather has made us more focused on this precious necessity. Although the quality of our drinking water is well-managed by our state and territory governments, during recent times we became more aware of potential contaminants that could be in our drinking water. Potentially these include microbiological pathogens such as bacteria protozoa and viruses; and chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, nitrate/nitrite, chlorine and chlorination by-products fluoride aluminium.

For an extra protection, there is an increasing range of water filters available for our use. Water filters need to comply with standards such as NSF International and Australian standard AS/NZS4348:1995.

The dusty nature of our country, coupled with pollution from our ever growing cities and industry such as coal fired power stations, calls for active management of the air quality in our living and working environments.

People with asthma have long been aware of the need for reducing dust, moulds, pollens, dust mites and other allergens from the air they breathe. Today we all need to be better educated, take action to protect our environment and implement measures to improve our air quality.

There are an increasing number of businesses around Australia and internationally that produce a wide range of air filtration products for home and commercial use. We can now select air filters designed to take even the most microscopic of particles out of the air. Filters are made for many uses, vacuum cleaners, air systems and cars and there are many types such as electrostatic air filters, paper, foam, Hepa filters and granulated carbon to absorb odours and chemicals.

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Environment Protection Authority Victoria

Carlton, VIC 3053

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria provides information and resources about bush fires, Melbourne air quality, the relationship between air quality and health, air quality information for children, motor vehicle emissions and ozone protection amongst others.
Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority

Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority

Northern Territory
Pollution hotline 1800 064 567

Parap, NT 0800

The Environment Protection Authority, EPA, is a statutory body that works with the community to protect the environment in the Northern Territory.

Environment Protection Authority

South Australia

Adelaide, SA 5000

Freecall - non metropolitan callers only 1800 623 445
Springvale Health

Springvale Health

Australian distributor Richway & Fuji Bio Biomat
Australian distributor Alkal-Life water ionization/purifier

Bangalow, NSW 2479

Springvale Health is an authorised local Australian distributor of the Richway & Fuji Biomat range, Alkal-Life water ionization and purification system and Alkaway Ultrastream water alkalizer, ioniser and hydrogen infuser. We are dedicated to helping you reach optimum health with some of the most effective state of the art products available to support and compliment your treatment protocol.


Quality water filters

Werribee, VIC 3030



Residential Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

Montclair, 91763

Ampac USA advanced water purification systems are built to solve the most complex challenges related to water purification, treatment, provisioning and Seawater Desalination, meant to work in the harshest environments around the globe.


Sollentuna, Sweden, 191 40

Monitor and improve the air quality in your indoor environment.

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