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The health benefits of yoga and meditation have been known for thousands of years and are recognised by both eastern and western medicine.

Meditation and yoga are practised by and increasing number of people in today's fast-paced working and living environments - seeking to restore inner balance, harmony and relaxation; to gain better control of their life and to achieve higher states of consciousness.

There are many types of yoga practices or branches of yoga in India where yoga originated from, several of which are taught in Australia - the most frequently practised being the Hatha Yoga.

Meditation skills are taught in yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes, as well as dedicated meditation classes.

There are several professional associations for yoga teachers, including the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia and the International Yoga Teachers' Association Inc.

This category lists yoga and meditation schools and teachers in Australia.

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Wu Tao Dance

Wu Tao Dance

Dance yourself to Health with Wu Tao
Dance Meditation and Music to restore balance and fitness

Hamilton hill, WA 6163

Wu Tao Dance increases fitness, health and vitality and reduces the symptoms of stress, depression and obesity. Based on the proven health system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao harmonises energy flow in the body through dance and music. A beautiful way to revitalise your Self, the dances are easy to do, fun to learn and the flowing movements gently increase body tone and flexibility.
Rock Salt Lamps

Rock Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite, Essential Oils, Diffusers
Natural Wellness Solutions

Brunswick West, VIC 3055

Feel better, sleep better, enjoy your personal space, bring a warmth and feeling of well-being to your home or office and support others to feel amazing and be the best they can be. Our products help support you to: find balance, be encouraged, harmonise, invigorate, relax, be joyful, grounded, and more - you will find what you need and feel ..... just let it happen :)
Pranic Healing Victoria

Pranic Healing Victoria

Treatments & workshops
Twin Hearts Meditation Melbourne

Hawthorn, VIC 3122

Pranic Healing is an old method used by practitioners to help people on their path to health and wellbeing. The method uses cleansing and energising the energy field around the physical body, which in turn aids the body's own natural healing.
Human Happiness

Human Happiness

Yoga Classes and Reiki Therapist Deniliquin
Still your mind, clear your body, heal your past

Deniliquin, ACT 2710

At Human Happinesss we provide Yoga Classes in Canberra and specialize in Reiki healing. Our Dru Yoga Classes are suitable for individuals of any age. We run Workshops for Personal development and Reiki Training. Please see your website for latest Yoga and Reiki news. Our Yoga classes are run mostly in north Canberra including Belconnen and Gunghalin.
Yoga Zenith

Yoga Zenith

Applecross, WA 6153

Yoga is a superior form of exercise, extremely challenging for the body whilst relaxing for the mind. There is no other exercise system like it. Yoga stretches and strengthens every muscle, nerve and joint in the body, as well as works the internal organs, improves circulation, hastens recovery and healing, builds stamina and concentration.

Raging Ageing Seniors Yoga

Therapy with Yoga

Greenslopes, QLD 4120

Yoga King Products

Yoga King Products

Salisbury, QLD 4107

Yoga King is a world-class store offering yoga products. Props like belt and bolster are the perfect companion for yoga beginners. It can be used to almost all asanas tailored for the comfort of the yoga community.
Om Yoga Studios

Om Yoga Studios

Rochedale South, QLD 4123

Amidst our often hectic lives, stretching our bodies and quieting our minds can restore a much-needed state of balance. Om Yoga Studios has opened its doors to bring the calming effects of yoga to people from all walks of life. In a professional yet comfortable environment, we welcome you to join us in pursuit of a healthier life.
Agoy Wellbeing

Agoy Wellbeing

Clear Stress, Settle the Mind, Feel Relaxed

St Kilda East, VIC 3183

Agoy is a group class that clears away stress, settles the mind and makes you feel relaxed.
Agoy is:
a gentle alternative to meditation
An effective complement to meditation
A preparation for meditation
SA Wellness Centre

SA Wellness Centre

Yoga Classes
Book online

O'Halloran Hill, SA 5158

With a service list that ranges from chiropractic and physiotherapy through to remedial massage and naturopathy, we also offer wellness workshops, yoga and meditation classes.

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