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Founded in 2009, Etixx was set up from the very beginning as a company dedicated to the supporting athletesí nutritional needs through every aspect of their training. We provide the most sophisticated nutritional products and supplements on the market that are suited to the needs of all those who choose to be active on a professional, recreational or amateur sports level.

Etixx is the gold standard in Sports Nutrition

At Etixx our philosophy is summarised by Ďa sound mind in a healthy body'. With everything we do, we always strive to set ourselves apart from other brands by:

  • Providing the most complete sports nutrition range on the market (including vitamins, minerals & supplements)
  • Providing sports nutrition products that support both your mind and your body
  • Listening to world class athletes and finding solutions to their needs
  • Using only the highest quality ingredients and blends in every product we provide
  • Maintaining the highest standards in the industry - 100% of our product batches are tested against the WADA list and another 160 substances which we believe could be banned in the future.
  • Guaranteeing that Etixx products do not and will not contain any banned substances. We keep a sample of every batch for 2 years after its expiry date in order to prove that this is the case.

At Etixx we donít only work with world class athletes. We also employ a team of experts from different fields such as sports physiologists, biomedical scientists, biochemists and pharmacologists. We consult extensively with them in the development of our complete sports nutrition range.

Address Kortrijksesteenweg 1091 bus B
9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem 9051