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We offer three kinds of support.

1. Support Worker Training

This workshop is designed for Organisations having people who work directly with clients who are hoarders or showing hoarding tendencies. This includes Support Workers, Occupational Therapists, Aged Care Assessors, Psychologists, Doctors, Animal Protection Authorities and anyone coming in contact with a hoarder in the course of their day. The workshop focuses on the client as well as providing advice for the worker on how to constructively intervene and improve the situation of the hoarder.

It is typically delivered over a full day and includes practical exercises and group discussion that complements the theory and participants are provided with resources used during the training and for future reference. No more than 20 in the class is recommended as it allows for a high level of interaction with the attendees.

2. Individual Case Management

One-On-One Coaching is also available for the hoarder - in their home or elsewhere, either alone or with the support worker alongside, which will provide additional practical training for the support worker.

3. Family and Friends Support Training - "Breaking Through"

This 3 hour workshop is targeted towards people who have a friend or family member who is or may be a hoarder and who is looking for advice, strategies and information on how to support and help them.

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