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Shopping for a new scooter is like shopping for a car and can get overwhelming, our experienced consultants are trained and experienced in recommending the right scooter for your needs.

There are 3 main types of Scooters
- Travel Scooters
- Medium Scooter
- Heavy Duty Scooter

A Travel scooter also known as a lightweight mobility scooter is the smallest and most compact of the range. Depending on the model it easily folds into a small stroller sized package or dismantles into easily manageable parts and fit into most car boots. The main benefits of this type of scooter are its size, weight and convenience in storing, use and transport.

Due to their small size and light weight, these Scooters are perfect for you if you want the flexibility to take your scooter wherever you go, for example, Caravan Trips, Cruises, and even airplane trips. The small size excellent turning circle makes these perfect for indoor use and confined spaces. Whilst this is a great scooter it is recommended for people who plan to travel with it or will mainly use it indoors and for shorter trips around the local neighbourhood, as the compact size also means a smaller battery, shorter range, and less suspension.

A Medium Size Scooter is perfect for you if you plan on using your scooter both indoors and outdoors on terrain that is flat or has moderate hills. The higher seat, improved suspension, and additional padding will ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your journey, while the headlights, side mirrors, and the electric display will make you feel secure and in charge. Its medium size will allow you to move freely in shops and public spaces as well as allow you to use public transport with ease and confidence.

These Scooters host a larger battery, longer range, around 30km, and higher weight capacity around 130kg allowing you to move around your extended neighbourhood to shops, parks and other places of interest.

Heavy Duty Scooters, these powerful Scooters are designed for outdoor use on various surfaces. They feature headlights, brake lights, indicators, a powerful motor and battery, a build frame and good suspension.

With a large Battery, they offer a good range a top speed of 10km (to comply with Australian regulations) and a comprehensive Dashboard giving you all the information you need. The higher seat and headrest give extra comfort and allow for the best possible visibility.

These Scooters are recommended for people that want it all and or plan on using their Scooter on a regular basis, for extended trips, over rough surfaces or usage in a predominantly hilly terrain. These scooters are the top of the line in their class and leave nothing left to be desired in terms of design, safety and comfort.

A range of different accessories are available for all scooters, including rear shopping baskets, sun canopies, and others. Some scooters come equipped with a front basket.

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Osborne Park WA 6017
Tel 08 9242 7333