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It is estimated that there are more than 267 000 Australians living with cancer. The most common forms of cancer in Australia are non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate, colorectal (bowel), breast, melanoma and lung cancer.

The risk of developing cancer is lower for females than males. In 2003 the risk of a diagnosis of cancer for males was 1 in 3 before age 75 and 1 in 2 before age 85. In females the risk was 1 in 4 before age 75 and 1 in 3 before age 85.

In 2006, there were 39,200 deaths due to cancer in Australia. Cancer survival rates in Australia are among the highest in the world.

Cancer in Australia: an overview, 2006, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Cancer Australia has been established by the Australian Government to help reduce the impact of cancer for all Australians. Its role is "to provide national leadership in cancer control and improve coordination of, and collaboration between, all stakeholders, including people affected by cancer, health professionals, researchers, cancer and other community organisations and governments".

This category is dedicated to disseminating information about cancer-related services and support organisations, local support groups for people affected by cancer, their carers and families.

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Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer Research

Herston, QLD 4006

Then Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer Research's mission is finding causes, prevention and treatment for gynaecological cancer.
Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria

Melbourne, VIC 3004

Cancer Council Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that has been leading the fight against cancer since 1936. Cancer Council Victoria undertakes three important aspects of cancer control - research, education and support for people with cancer, their families and friends.


The Australian Organisation for Young People
Living with Cancer

Newtown, NSW 2042

CanTeen supports young people aged 12-25 when cancer turns their world upside down. Whether itís their own diagnosis or a close family memberís, we help young people cope with the impact that cancer has on their life and connect them with others their age who are in the same boat. Our services are all free and are staff are highly qualified.

Drs Ruth and Ian Gawler

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Childhood Cancer Association

Childhood Cancer Association

North Adelaide, SA 5006

The Childhood Cancer Association provides ongoing, tailored and practical 'hands on support' to children with cancer, and their families in SA and NT. Support is tailored to meet the needs of each individual family but may include: counselling, daily hospital visits, peer and family support, education support, free accommodation for country families and bereavement support.
Counterpart Ė women supporting women with cancer

Counterpart Ė women supporting women with cancer

For women with breast or a gynaecological cancer

Melbourne, VIC 3000

Counterpart connects, supports and informs women with breast or a gynaecological cancer to live well. Our highly trained Peer Support Volunteers give emotional support, understanding, hope and comfort. Our Navigator app, information sessions and webinars provide reliable, evidenced-based information. All services are free and confidential. Call 1300 781 500 or email [email protected]

The Brain Cancer Group

(Prev. Sydney Neuro-Oncology Group)

St Leonards, NSW 2065

The Brain Cancer Group, a non-profit organisation, aims to improve the management of brain tumours through research and information sharing. Its website contains information about Brain Tumour Support Groups and resources for patients and carers.
Cancer Institute NSW

Cancer Institute NSW

St Leonards, NSW 2065

The Cancer Institute NSW is Australia's first statewide agency for cancer control. We are focused on improving outcomes in cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and ultimately survival.

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