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Grow commenced in Sydney in 1957 by people who believed that, together, they could support each other to overcome the difficulties they experienced, in their everyday life that were caused by mental illness, and go on to live a life full of hope and aspiration. Today, there are over 250 Grow groups all over Australia with branches in each state.

Grow is a consumer-based, national organisation, providing peer supported programs for growth and personal development for people with a mental illness and for people experiencing difficulty in coping with life's challenges.

The Grow Program

Grow's program of personal growth is based on changing negative thinking and behaviour. It offers strategies on how to:

  • deal with an emotional crisis
  • manage feelings
  • think by reason
  • realise personal worth
  • improve relationships.

The program was developed by people who had experienced a mental illness or some other form of mental or emotional distress. They found this wisdom essential to their own recovery and growth.

Developing understanding, acceptance, confidence, control and love is at the heart of the GROW program. Many people have been able to rebuild their lives with the help of Grow.

Is Grow religious?

Members are encouraged to live up to their highest values or their own beliefs, however, Grow is not a religious organisation and has no religious affiliation. Grow is spiritual in that it recognises each person's inherent worth and the need for trust in yourself, in others, and a positive force that transcends us all.

What happens at meetings?

Grow meetings are run by the members themselves, according to a well structured and successful format. During the meeting, members can share their problems, learn how to rebuild their lives and report on their progress.

Meetings are supportive and non-threatening, positive and constructive.

A typical group has 5-9 people and meets weekly, day or night. Meetings last two hours and are followed by refreshments.

Members are known in their group on a first name basis only and make a commitment to confidentiality.

It can take courage to go to your first meeting - but you are not alone - others have felt fearful for the first time. There is no pressure to say anything - you control the pace of your involvement.

No fees are charged, however, a small donation to meet necessary expenses is usual, though strictly voluntary. A variety of training and social activities back up the essential group process.

Address 1014 Logan Road
Holland Park QLD 4121
Tel 1800 558 268