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Practice marketing / health product marketing - Copy writing for your advertisement on

Define your audience and select the relevant category

The first step is to define your audience. A successful Listing+Page is written with a specific audience in mind.

Put yourself into the shoes of a visitor to, your potential customer, patient, client or referring professional. Imagine how he or she would think and behave. You want to influence the person's thinking and behaviour with your communication. You want to persuade him or her to call you to make an appointment, to buy your product or service or to visit your website.

Think through the buying process relevant to your product or service. Who makes the buying decision? Who is the user? Do users have an influence on the buying decision? Are there a number of people involved in the buying process? Who needs to be persuaded by your communication?

Take into consideration that the features and benefits that are likely to appeal to the buyer and ultimate user may be different.

Tailor your messages

Your audience will be attracted to information that is relevant to them. In most cases they are already in the category you are listed in, so that is their area of interest. It is important that you do not tell them about everything you offer - tell them about your products and services that are relevant to the particular category.

Some advertisers just copy a Listing+Page into other categories without amendments. While the directory has a feature that enables the copying of a Listing+Page into another category, it is best to make amendments after copying. Tailor the information for the audience of the new category. For example, if you provide a health service and also offer consulting services to other businesses, place the health service information into the relevant health service category and the consulting services into the Consultants category.

There is no extra cost for placing unique content into your Listings and Pages in various categories, so use the flexibility of to your advantage.

Organise your communication

Make use of key words in your listing text, organise your communication under headings and endeavour to write clearly.

List the objectives of your communication. You want users to move to your website for more information, to buy or call to make an appointment. Invite them to do so. The best time to ask users to act is when they are on your Page. Ask them to contact you by email for more information or a brochure. Aim to maintain the interest of the reader on your Page. You can have 300 + words on your Page - use them wisely.

Users tend to come to with a specific goal or need for information. Their minds are 'tuned' to finding the information they need and their eyes are 'scanning' for it. Make it easy for them to navigate your Page.

Suggestions for easy navigation of your Page:

  • Break the text into manageable 'junks of information' for easy comprehension.
  • Write headings that highlight the benefits of your product or service.
  • What is your key message? Impress the reader right at the beginning by putting the most persuasive argument or highest value potential benefit first.
  • If the information is sequential, put it in a logical order.
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Write clearly

Use short sentences, short paragraphs, lists, tables and images to aid user comprehension.

Utilise bold and coloured text. You are able to match the colours of your website and the colours you use on your Page on the directory. This helps to take the user from your Page on to your website smoothly, without a 'colour shock'.

When writing your headings, consider the following:

  • Users are busy people. By scanning the headings, users should get a summary of your content.
  • By finding the heading that relates to what users want, they can jump to the information on your Page that is relevant to them.

Proofread and edit your text.

Read through your text and remove unnecessary words that do not add to the meaning of your message. Read your text aloud. Read a printed copy. Read your text again a couple of days after posting it. On, you can amend your content any time.

Present your Page visually pleasing

  • Communicate with images that are relevant to increase the power of your advertisement.
  • Use tables where appropriate.
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Space your information so that your Page is not 'over-crowded'.

Test your communication

Test your communication on a sample of your target audience. If this is not an option, ask friends or colleagues to read your communication and to give you feedback.